Among the twisting canyons of the Fractured Stone badlands, orc tribes have waged war for centuries. Once every few generations, a leader of unparalleled skill and ferocity will emerge from the fray to unite the tribes and lead an invasion of the realms of men. What distinguishes these warriors from their lesser brethren?

All are Chosen of HORG.

None know consciously of their blessing. Subconsciously, they are aware that their prowess is somehow due to an otherworldly power, but even if they become aware of this, they will blame some deity or other source of power. Even if asked about HORG outright, they will ask the simple question…


HORG is not a god. HORG is not a man. HORG isn’t even an orc.

HORG is a natural force, not unlike gravity or thaumaturgic symmetry. HORG is the raw spirit of the orcish horde, born of their boundless self-loathing and insatiable lust for violence.

Only the mightiest among the orcs have ever directly experienced the touch of HORG. When Red Hand used his own severed arm to beat the Silver Knight of Castaar to death, his mighty thew was guided by HORG. When Gork and Mork laid a cunning (yet brutal) trap for the dwarven armies of Artrius Longbeard, they were inspired by HORG. When Gnarl Grimteef ate the face of the elven sorcerer Zastriel, his hunger was deepened by HORG.

The Chosen of HORG

The Seven Oracles of Brighthome have had a shared vision of a blood-stained hand reaching out of the badlands. All awoke simultaneously from their dreamsleep screaming, “HORG HAS COME! HIS SHADOW RISES IN THE NORTH!” Even the foremost scholars are unable to determine who or what this HORG is, but certainly the prophecies of the Seven Oracles are not to be ignored. Thus, the nobles of Brighthome have posted an open offer to all adventurers willing to take up the cause. A 500 GP reward is to be given to any who can find information about this “HORG”. The more pious (and paranoid) among them have begun the arduous process of rallying their levies.

Meanwhile, in the north, a new champion has risen to lead the orcish horde. Agog the Many-Sighted has slain the nineteen chieftains and united the tribes. It was in this moment that he felt the touch of HORG. Armed with this horrifying new power and an army ready to kill and die at his command, he makes final preparations to march south to conquest and slaughter.

Assuming no interference, in one month, Agog will have fully assembled his armies and will begin his march. Without warning or aid, the nobles of Brighthome will be unable to assemble their armies in time to successfully oppose the horde. Brighthome will be destroyed and Agog will continue his march into human lands. There is no telling what horrors will be wrought before an army of sufficient strength can be raised to stop him.

Agog the Many-Sighted (Armor: as plate, HD7, HP35, move 30′, d10 Harvester)

Agog is scarred, intelligent, and bloodthirsty. He has felt the touch of HORG as a divine mandate to slaughter, permitting all manner of forbidden magics. His first act as the empowered Chosen was to summon the Carcerian demon, Kkz’laarog, and bind it into the demon-scythe, Harvester. If the demon were to ever break free from the scythe, he will exact his vengeance on Agog, then wander the world attempting to find a way back into Hell.

Using foul blood-sorcery and the demon-scythe, Harvester, Agog has added the eyes of numerous slain foes to his head. He can see in all directions and detects cowardice as a paladin detects evil. When Agog slays a foe with Harvester, it shears off a body part of his choosing, which he may add to his body for 1d4 days. If the appropriate ritual is conducted (requiring the appropriate blood sacrifices and devil worship), the addition becomes permanent.

However, Harvester is always hungry. Without a consistent flow of blood, the scythe will begin to drain the life of it’s keeper. Unless someone is killed with Harvester once every 1d4 days, 1d8 HP is drained from its keeper. The character’s HP maximum is reduced by this amount until Harvester’s thirst is slaked. If the character’s HP maximum is reduced to zero in this way, the character is immediately slain, their soul consumed, and Kkz’laarog breaks free from his bonds to rampage across creation.

If he knows battle is immanent, Agog will slay his mightiest orc warrior and perform the vile ritual to add their strongest arm to his torso. This improves his to-hit and damage with Harvester by +1. Agog is empowered by HORG, Kkz’laarog, and repeated blood sacrifices. He has the following spells prepared: Enlarge, Cause Fear, Summon, Enthrall, Phantasmal Force, Stinking Cloud, Cause Disease, Drain Life, Divination, and Insect Plague.


One thought on “WHO IS HORG?

  1. HORG says:

    For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is HORG? This is HORG speaking. I am the force who hates all tribes. I am the force who sacrifices his foes and his warriors. I am the force who has deprived you of allies and thus has destroyed your world, and if you wish to know why you are perishing – you who dread knowledge – I am the force who will now show you.”


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