I wrote the following micro-game for this year’s 200 Word RPG Challenge! It’s not perfect and I definitely didn’t get to playtest it enough, but I think the core idea comes across pretty well. I hope you enjoy it!

As usual, if you give it a try, please drop me a line and let me know how it went!

Also, I want to take a moment to thank the folks who did help me playtest this. It was a while back and we were, admittedly, pretty drunk, so if you belong on this list and didn’t get a shout-out, please forgive me.

Many thanks to Cassie, Katie, Steven, Nicole, and Maggie. You guys rock.


You are being Hunted. There’s no escape. You must survive long enough to stop the Hunter.

You have 3 attributes: Exhausted, Panicked, and Insane. These start at 1. Distribute 4 points between them to build tension. You have three advantages. Sacrifice an advantage to succeed at a related task.

The Hunter’s Threat starts at 1. This number is secret. When you’re not actively evading the Hunter, add 1d4. Outrun, outfight, or outsmart the Hunter to reduce it by 1d4. At 10+, someone dies. When someone dies, reduce it by 2d4.

To do something…
-cautious, roll above a relevant attribute on 1d10.
-desperate, increase the relevant attribute by 1 and roll equal or below.
-stupid but genre-appropriate, increase Threat by 1d4 and automatically succeed.

When you fail, something bad happens and an attribute goes up by 1. When one of your attributes is 10, you’re toast. Narrate how your character dies.

To stop the Hunter, you must understand its capabilities (power source, special abilities, weaknesses), then exploit them.

To begin play, narrate the buildup of horror with the GM. Describe how some of your friends died and who the Hunter is stalking right now.


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